Saturday, July 18, 2009

RED Digital Motion Still and Tech Launch


Digital Capture is what I’m known for. Although I have 30 years in photography, 11 of those based in New York, I’m still known as digital capture guru.

I’m now embarking on yet another frontier, digital capture for motion, or digital cinema. I adopted the RED Digital Cinema camera was my tool of choice because it has range. The images produced from this camera are beautiful, and that’s only the half of it. This device captures RAW, and it can deliver still images that can be used in editorial and print advertisement.

Over the past 9 months I trained, attending seminars and workshops, interned in the field, and worked on numerous commercials, short films, music videos, and still advertising shoots using the RED camera. I became so involved, that I’m becoming a guru for RED as well. My good works have landed me on the training staff for REDucation, the authorized training for the RED Digital Camera systems.

I’m a constant fixture on, the official RED forum, where everything regarding RED and it’s workflow is discussed, and reviewed.

My knowledge of RED coupled with 11 years as a digital still photographer (25 years overall), allows me to bring new workflows and practices to digital cinema, that aid productivity and accuracy.

I now launch Vision 3D RED Rental .

RED Packages starting at $650.00 per day (complete), $1800.00 per week.

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