Sunday, January 17, 2010

Canon Commercial shot with Canon 5D MK 2


This past week Canon (Japan, not USA) shot a commercial using their own Canon 5D MKII as capture device. The shoot was headed up by Director of Photography Gale Tattersall of House fame.

Gale contacted Von Thomas of Image Mechanics to assist in prep for the shoot. Images Mechanics has been at the fore of motion with both RED and 5D MKII. Gale had many questions he wanted answered before he committed to the 5D (RED was the other option). Even though the shoot were not complicated, Gale needed to know it's strengths and weaknesses. We tested the 5D two weeks leading up to the actual shoot. Extensive tests in shutter speed range, ISO rating, camera panning, blue and green screen and color temperature were performed.

After the initial tests the content was taken to Encore Hollywood post facility to analyze the test. After viewing all the info, the 5D was given the thumbs up. The ability to shoot a major ad campaign with the 5D MKII is a game changer. Shortly Canon will roll out it's firmware for 24 and 25P, this will give the camera greater latitude, and acceptance with established filmmakers.


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