Monday, July 12, 2010

LightIron - BigFoot - Eizo - Maxx Digital - RED Rocket = Kick Ass on set

This cart is quite possibly the best way to handle RED Digital Cinema content on a feature set.

I'm putting this to use on the movie "Atlas Shrugged" here in LA, and I have to say without a doubt, it makes working with RED files EZ.

If you shoot RED, you want something like this.



p.s. I spoke on a panel this past Saturday at Art Center in Pasadena at an event called Imaging DNA. Gale Tattersall the DP of House was a keynote speaker. Gale spoke to the Canon 5D MK2 in which he used to film the last episode of the season on House. I worked with Gale months prior to prep him for a Canon TV commercial. He wanted to test the 5D to see if it was good enough to use. We tested the 5D in various situations, took the footage to Encore, him post house, and they gave the thumbs up to use. The panel I spoke on was the emergence of digital in a film (motion picture) world, and it's impact with cameras like RED and the Canon 5D.

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  1. Von- are you using any kind of control panel for color correction? Tangent Wave or similar??
    Eric Trageser