Sunday, October 4, 2009

RED Epic is almost here, and fall is heating up

It's seems I've been asleep at the wheel, and while I dozed, the RED Epic (5K digital cinema camera) was unleashed at IBC in Amsterdam last month. Below are some tasty photos of the Epic, and along with that some even tastier images of Kate Beckinsale made with the Epic 5K sensor in a RED One body for Esquire Magazine, by Greg Williams. If you remember Greg Williams was the first shooter to have RED still images (of beautiful Megan Fox) published in a print magazine, and Esquire no less (June 2009 issue). These current images of Ms. Beckinsale, will be in the November issue of Esquire, fall is heating up. Here is the link to "The Sexiest Woman Alive Video"

So nice, I had to do it twice.

Oh, that leaves me with the Epic itself, here are some photos taken at IBC, last month.

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  1. I think it's a great idea, but I won't be shooting any projects in true IMAX resolution anytime soon. I shot my feature at 4k, and honestly it's truly overkill and the post production is killing us now having to deal with such huge files without a Unity system to handle it. Great idea, but not very practical, at least for now. And they want to put out a 10k monster out soon!

    For now, I'm still hoping to get my hands on a Scarlet, I could do more music videos with that piece of hardware than the Epic.