Saturday, March 9, 2013

The New Sony F55 4K Camera

I recently spent a day over at the Sony lot on Stage 7 learning about the New Sony F55 4K camera.  I have to say I was very impressed, not only by its looks, form factor, ease of assembly, but also how simple it was to navigate the menu system.  You can literally have this camera ready to shoot in less than a minute.  First the body, PL adapter, lens, top handle, EVF, either battery adapter or optional RAW recorder w/battery adapter and then battery,  and you're done.  It's well made and solid.

Everything about this camera says pro, they have worked through a lot of the issues that have plagued other digital cinema cameras, and come up with a winner.  Here's the plus, the image quality, it's fantastic, and after being a RED fan for years, I would be inclined to shoot my next project on this camera, in 4K of course.

By the way, these photos were shot using the Canon 1DX, at 6400 ISO


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