Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Revolution Cinema Rentals - One stop DSLR rental service

Ok, so you have a shoot coming up. You've decided to shot this on your Canon 5DMK2, 5DMK3 or your new Canon 1DX, or your Canon 1C (if you're so lucky), but how do you outfit it with all the necessary accessories (cameras, lenses, cages, monitors, follow focus, etc), and where do you get them? You can go to a typical camera rental house (where you'll have a small selection of options), or you can visit the guys at Revolution Cinema Rentals, the new rental house specializing in DSLR cinematography.

RCR has everything for shooting your small cameras in practically any environment. This is the place where Shane Hurlbut shops, (DP of Act of Valor , shoot almost entirely on Canon DSLR's).  So you can understand the level of gear these guys have.  Scott, Q, Freddy and Amanda can help sort out your DSLR needs.

 I had the opportunity to have my Canon 5DMK2 and 1DX outfitted for a job the other day.  I went through the normal camera prep, Freddy one of the key prep techs (very friendly and patient), carefully went through building the perfect rigs for my project.  Asking questions along the way to make sure I had everything I needed for the job.  Let me say, this is not your ordinary stills / camera store rental dept, this is a cinema rental house that specializing in the small still cameras that shoot HD video. Now mind you they also have other camera offerings, Canon C300 and 500, and have amazing rigs and accessories for these as well, plus RED Epic, Arri Alexa, and Sony F65.

I have to admit but shooting with the DSLR's is becoming more and more mainstream for shooting Web Series, TV, Features and Commercials.  Even I, Mr. Shoot it on RED now loves to use my DSLR whenever possible.  The level of quality these cameras can now attain, is simply amazing.  I'll go into more practical application in next entry.


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